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Your Christmas Gift for the
Next Generation

Andres' Story

Together, we’re pouring into the next generation of students … transforming the future of this world by transforming the youth of this world for Jesus Christ.

At the same time, the pandemic has created a hunger for hope like never before. The world needs strong leadership. And God has called us to raise them up one person — one student — at a time in 2021 … in a bigger way than ever before!

The goal: To get our proven iLead curriculum into the hands of 1.6 million students in the new year.

Amazingly, it takes just $2.39 to reach one student with this transformative teaching.

How many young people can you personally influence to impact the world around them for Jesus Christ in 2021?

[ ] $1,000 to reach 2,390 students
[ ] $500 to reach 1,195 students
[ ] $2,500 to reach 5,975 students
[ ] $5,000 to reach 11,950 students
[ ] $10,000 to reach 23,900 students
[ ] $__________ to reach as many students as possible